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When the biggest secret of the planet Alvectura is revealed to the humans things start to go wrong. People start to mutate, the climate deteriorate, and the power gets in the wrong hands.

Join Jaden and his friends as they get the opportunity to travel back in time and change the dystopic world they live in. A quest that will be easier said than done. Time will be their greatest enemy, but not their only enemy...

Ambassadors Of The Future is a story-driven, strategy and puzzle-based RPG inspired by game franchises such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.

The game from start to finish should take between 20-30 hours to complete.

I hope you will enjoy the game and I appreciate any feedback / bug reports.

Around 20-30 hours of gameplay depending on how much optional content you are willing to take on.

Party management.

8 Playable characters with unique playstyles.

8 "hidden" ultimate weapons for each characters.

Unique battle graphics for each weapon in the game.

A CTB (charge turn battle) system.

Both scripted and random encounters (the ability to affect/prevent random encounters completly.)

Evolve your DNA with EP (Evolve Points) and learn new equipable skills.

Skill tiers linked to your weapon.  (Similar to FF7 materia system, but simplified).

Grow and design your character with XP (experience points) from combat. By evolving stats with EP, or by equiping improved gear.

Mine and hand in minerals to increase stockings of all the blacksmiths in the world.

Simplistic arena system.

Optional puzzle dungeons.

Optional boss fights.

Design your own ending.

Mini games such as treasure hunts, slot machines and card games.

A world map for easier navigation.

3 types of vehicles that will help you travel across the different continents of Alvectura.



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Hello Existenztim!

I have played your game until i finally found that it was too annoying to continue.

Well lets get straight into it. In short:

Gameplay: Way too easy. Only 3 foes were a challenge. 2 that could reflect abilities and one that knew doom. The burning bird was very easy and couldn’t give me any trouble.

The puzzles were annoying. Mostly at least. There was a lot of work into them, no matter how much i despised them. So a plus point. 3/10

Sound: I normally play muted, but i did give this a chance and i just didn’t like most the music. Didn’t really feel fitting in all the times i let it run. 1.5/10

Graphics: Not that many standard enemies, you tried to make good custom animations and tiles (or you googled for them). It was decent enough. 7/10

Story: Oh boy you gave me hope at the beginning… just to get progressively worse. 1.5/10

Alright we are done with the short one and it comes out at 13/40. Which is about 32.5%, meaning its a failure for me.

Alright lets get into the details i still remember after a week or two of a break hoping to get my motivation up again.

Gameplay: The first boss was alright and i liked that normal enemies weren’t much of a threat… but i could only really remember the turtle that reflected skills/normal attacks/etc (Plus the annoying fake chest that did that too) and the dragon in the prison that had instant death (well after a few turns) and abilities that did % based damage. On everyone with the later.

Plus stealing from bosses didn’t give any extra or rare items, i checked with every enemy i could as i got stealing as soon as i could and used mug even before i could get snatch. Maybe i could have gotten more with mug but who knows. I didn’t feel like testing more after i snatched the gold he said he was out of everything when i tried to mug ‘em.

Well if you used the thief, the healer, the mage and the “spellblade” nothing was really a challenge. With haste and slow my damn spellblade got like 4 turns before this fiery bird even moved. It was ridiculous. Also the spellblades spell, despite its higher cost, is absolutely OP if you invest into matk. What were you thinking when you made this move?

Basically my spellblade could do it all, except healing though i grinded in the arena in the first tier enough to buy a good amount of full restores so to say, and was absolutely overpowered the whole game! 

Maybe you could have done a difficulty options for people that want harder enemies.

Now to the puzzles.

They were annoying, horrendous and all that. I don’t like puzzles much but normally i can power trough… but yours were everywhere and i tried to get 100%. Meaning i had to do the ruins. I have like 18,5hours saved but a total investment of 30+hours if we count resetting cause i suck. But that you make your minigames and puzzles mandatory…. that was annoying. Very much so. There went a lot of effort in but i can’t say I liked it. 

I honestly gave up on a lever riddle with bookcases in that floating castle cause i really, really didn’t have the patience for it anymore, even after a 1-2 week break.

Maybe add an option with a penalty that allows to get rid of them. Maybe in a later game.

Also maybe you could focus one to three puzzles you build upon. You had so many that none were memorable and that people get used to it.


Well I had hopes when you did the whole time manipulation thing at the beginning. But you just got goddamn worse with each goddamn bit you revealed. I had hoped that it would be an actual active time travel thing (where we travel from past to present to the future constantly) but instead i get a normal adventure (and i hoped i would have been wrong too). You baited me. Well done.

Also you get your last comrades very late. I thought i was in the prolog till i got the robot. I mean… I mean… I hoped thats when the true journey started. But I am pretty sure it ends with the whole floating castle thing.

It just got worse and worse… but i won’t go into detail if someone reads this that hasn’t played it yet at all.

Graphics: Not much to say. You tried your best there and it is part of what kept me going.

Major bug: You can get infinite ancient magica ore in the forest fishing spot. Where the saving spot is.

Well have a nice day.


If you find any spelling mistakes you can keep them, english is not my first language.

Why can't I save my game?  No matter where I try to save at the book I get nothing but a beep noise.

Hey! Do you have the latest version of the game? Make sure you got the "Ambassadors Of The Future\www\save" folder aswell. The save folder should be empty until you make your first save. Hope this helps :)

thank you I will check.

I just finished the game. And I LOVED it. The story was wonderfully executed. Other things I liked was the fact that I never felt the need to "farm", for some people this might be a bad thing though. Furthermore I liked what you did with the ancient magica ores... I tried to understand the purpose of them for the whole game but at long last their powers was revealed. The things I didn't like is very few. I wanted to mention the whole miscellaneous situation (since I hate farming) but I saw that the new update came with a feature to combine them, so we can cross that from my list.


Thank you for your feedback! How long did it take for you to finish the game? Did you do all the optional content? Glad you had a good time :)

Love the game so far (although I only played a few hours of it). But I seem to have encountered a serious bug.

The games download came with a pre-existing 55 second play time save file labeled file24(it also appears in the 24th save slot in game). At first I thought nothing of it and was able to play the game normally for an afternoon, making sure to save regularly.

I just loaded the game back up only to discover that all my previous save data was gone. it appears that no matter what state the save folder is in, the only save that is loadable is file24. I've even deleted the whole save folder altogether at one point and file24 was still loadable and worked fine. I would like to play the game, but I just have no idea whats happening here, and I certainly can't play the whole thing in one session.The saves worked while I play the game, that is, when I start saving/loading they all appear where they are supposed to and can be loaded properly. The problem seems to occur when the game is closed and launched again the next time, it can only see file24 and save files that were made during that same play session. I would love to know if there's a workaround since I do still seem to have the old saves in the folder. 

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Thanks for your input! I tested this myself to confirm the bug. I'm not sure the previous versions of the game had this problem, something might have gone wrong in the deployment stage. But fixing this will be my number 1 priority right now. I think I might have a solution already :)

I made a new update of the game where this problem should be solved. I'm not sure if you can download the new version and paste in the old safe files in the save folder, but I hope we can find a way to recover your progress. How long into the game did you come if I may ask?

Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for the speedy hotfix, unfortunately it seems I'm not able to get the new version to recognize any of the old versions saves, but it seems to be working just fine with its own save.

As for how far I got, I made it to the first abandoned town on the surface. I had just pushed a boulder that connected to the beginning of the town and the local save point, so I saved there and called it a day. I think I should be able to get back there in about an hour if i rush through everything.

No problems! Just hit me back if you find anything else :)

Okay good not so much time was lost, after that moment the game will slowly start to "open up". Btw... If you ever make it to the last boss you will find that he doesn't have alot of HP. So the end fight will be over way sooner for you than it should be. He has around 10% of the HP he should have. (I nerfed him when I was playtesting) This is fixed now but the people who downloaded the game yesterday will have an easier time with him.

(Atleast this is nothing game breaking, and if you only play for the story this is even good news ^^ )

Hey. me again, started the game back up and got to the study session and after the line "the greedy emperor Kathal" I get this error, not sure what's up.

Hey! I must've deleted more than I should. Go ahead and try download the game again in about 15 min, the tilesets should no longer be missing. The good news is that you should be able to continue where you left of this time. If you save the "www folder" you currently have and replace it with the empty one that comes with the zipfile your save slots should be transfered. Once again thank you for notifying me :D

I love this game so far. Question for you, who was your favorite character (male and female) to develop and why? Just asking out of curiosity

Hello and thanks for the comment!

It's a hard question you got there. And I can't give you a straight out answer right now, I gotta let that one sink in. But as far as character development goes I can tell you what I'm proud of in general.

I like all characters motivation to fight the empire/Khronos. (With the exception of perhaps NHG-73, but he/She don't really need any motivation since it's a robot.

I also like how all characters have their own play styles. Everybody can be useful in both defense and offense depending on how you want to build them.

As far as dialogue goes I enjoyed writing lines for Rhen, just like a child he made up his own words for things he had never seen before. (Calling the sun a "light orb" is just one of several examples).

It was also fun to make up all those cheesy jokes Nadine tells from time to time, jokes that only she alone appreciate.

Writing lines for NHG-73 was challenging, since his vocabulary is limited. Challenging but fun.

I can write you back with a more specific answer when I've had time to make a better analyze.


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Loving the story, and the graphics, and the characters, and the twists!
I've gotten stuck inside the Isala mine:

I can't move left from here; can't get on the bridge and reach the chest.Is this a bug? :O 

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Just finished the game. It was an overall AWESOME adventure! Really loved the story, most of the game design choices, and the whole experience. Really happy I played this! 

And I experienced another important bug: 

When Natalia finishes telling her story, (with the flashbacks) and the scene moves back to the present time, the cutscene just gets stuck, completely. (And I couldn't progress any further.)

I used my RPG Maker MV to get around these two bugs for myself, so I was able to reach the ending regardless. 
(P.S, Nadine's my ABSOLUTE favorite from the whole cast! Absolutely love her character, development, & dialogues.)


Thanks for all the input! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thats some major bugs you spotted there. I will look into it right away, the chest is supposed to be reached since it contains a key to progress further in to the mine.