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Join Jaden and his friends as they get the opportunity to travel back in time and change the dystopic world they live in. A quest that will be easier said than done. Time will be their greatest enemy, but not their only enemy...

Ambassadors Of The Future is a story-driven, strategy and puzzle-based RPG inspired by game franchises such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.

The project started back in february of 2016 and is in a very late development stage.

This is the 3.0.3 Beta Version of this game. It can be played from start to finish and should take between 25-35 hours to complete.  The gaming experience in the final product of this game might be different from this version.

I hope you will enjoy the game and I appreciate any feedback / bug reports.

Around 20-30 hours of gameplay depending on how much optional content you are willing to take on.

Party management.

8 Playable characters with unique playstyles.

8 "hidden" ultimate weapons for each characters.

A CTB (charge turn battle) system.

Both scripted and random encounters (the ability to affect/prevent random encounters completly.)

Evolve your DNA with EP (Evolve Points) and learn new equipable skills.

Skill tiers linked to your weapon.  (Similar to FF7 materia system, but simplified).

Grow and design your character with XP (experience points) from combat. By evolving stats with EP, or by equiping improved gear.

Mine and hand in minerals to increase stockings of all the blacksmiths in the world.

Simplistic arena system.

Optional puzzle dungeons.

Optional boss fights.

Design your own ending.

Mini games such as treasure hunts, slot machines and card games.

A world map for easier navigation.

3 types of vehicles that will help you travel across the different continents of Alvectura.

This will be fixed in the next patch :

Fix the stats for the "Headmaster's Hat".  It currently has the same stats as "Conjurer's Hat", witch make that set of equipment useless. (Headmaster's Hat should be around 50% stronger).

It's currently 2 items that do different things named Ginseng Roots. The one that cures paralysis will be renamed to Aloe Roots and the one that cures slow/stop will keep it's name so it wont cause any confusion.

Most things is yet to be announced. But im looking in to the balance of miscellania and ores dropping. I will perhaps add a feature to combine these items. As an example :

5 Cheap Miscellaneous could generate 1 Modest Miscellaneous when combined.

I will also look in to some character skills that don't get picked often. They might need a buff or be replaced completly.

Updated 8 days ago
GenreRole Playing, Adventure, Puzzle
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Fantasy, JRPG, Open World, RPG Maker, Time Travel, Turn-based
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Joystick
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


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I love this game so far. Question for you, who was your favorite character (male and female) to develop and why? Just asking out of curiosity

Hello and thanks for the comment!

It's a hard question you got there. And I can't give you a straight out answer right now, I gotta let that one sink in. But as far as character development goes I can tell you what I'm proud of in general.

I like all characters motivation to fight the empire/Khronos. (With the exception of perhaps NHG-73, but he/She don't really need any motivation since it's a robot.

I also like how all characters have their own play styles. Everybody can be useful in both defense and offense depending on how you want to build them.

As far as dialogue goes I enjoyed writing lines for Rhen, just like a child he made up his own words for things he had never seen before. (Calling the sun a "light orb" is just one of several examples).

It was also fun to make up all those cheesy jokes Nadine tells from time to time, jokes that only she alone appreciate.

Writing lines for NHG-73 was challenging, since his vocabulary is limited. Challenging but fun.

I can write you back with a more specific answer when I've had time to make a better analyze.


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Loving the story, and the graphics, and the characters, and the twists!
I've gotten stuck inside the Isala mine:

I can't move left from here; can't get on the bridge and reach the chest.Is this a bug? :O 

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Just finished the game. It was an overall AWESOME adventure! Really loved the story, most of the game design choices, and the whole experience. Really happy I played this! 

And I experienced another important bug: 

When Natalia finishes telling her story, (with the flashbacks) and the scene moves back to the present time, the cutscene just gets stuck, completely. (And I couldn't progress any further.)

I used my RPG Maker MV to get around these two bugs for myself, so I was able to reach the ending regardless. 
(P.S, Nadine's my ABSOLUTE favorite from the whole cast! Absolutely love her character, development, & dialogues.)


Thanks for all the input! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thats some major bugs you spotted there. I will look into it right away, the chest is supposed to be reached since it contains a key to progress further in to the mine.